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SRU 2015 Tryouts U8-U14


2015 SRU Tryouts Dates at Trione Soccer Fields (opposite Cardinal Newman High School)

Rain or Shine: 

U8-U14 Tryouts: February 20, 21, 22, 28, and March 1

Tryout times:

Friday 2/20/15 Santa Rosa High School 
5:00-6:30pm u8-u11 girls
7:00-8:30pm U8-U11 boys
Saturday/Sunday 2/21-22/2015 Trione
8:00-9:30 u14 boys and girls
10:00-11:30 u13 boys and girls
12:00-1:30 u12 boys and girls
2:00-3:30 u11 boys and girls
4:00-5:30 u6-10 boys and girls
Saturday 2/28/2015 Trione
8:00-9:30 u6-10 boys and girls
10:00-11:30 u11 boys and girls
12:00-1:30 u12 boys and girls
2:00-3:30 u13 boys and girls
4:00-5:30 u14 boys and girls
Sunday 3/1/2015 Trione
8:00-9:30 u12 boys and girls
10:00-11:30 u13 boys and girls
12:00-1:30 u14 boys and girls


 Here is the information you will need to know:


Santa Rosa United


As one of the top clubs in Northern California we know that by putting player development first we will continue to develop players that love the game of soccer and excel at the Youth, High School, College, Regional and National level.  This emphasis on player development also creates fantastic teams. In the past 15 years United has won two National Championships, three Regional Championships, 25 State Championships and many national-level tournaments.


Player Development


Our number one goal at SRU is player development.  We focus on our players technically, tactically, psychosocially and physically.  Our players’ goals and milestones change in each of these areas depending on the age of the player.  The learning is done in a structured, fun and energetic training environment. It is truly amazing to watch our players develop over the course of their youth soccer careers with our professional coaching staff.


Best Coaches


SRU offers the highest caliber of soccer coaches in Sonoma County.  Our coaches hold various licenses and diplomas from the U.S. and many other countries.  Our coaches coach at SRU, local Colleges, local High Schools, Player Development Program (PDP) and are all part of our local community. Our coaching staff is very progressive and regularly seeks additional coaching education throughout the year in order to bring more to the players in SRU.

Interesting Facts


  • The club atmosphere is positive, motivating, competitive, professional and fun!
  • Players can play other sports
  • SRU puts school and family first, soccer second
  • Our financial assistance program is one of the largest in California
  • SRU soccer players attract high level interest from college coaches from around the United States
  • SRU has more players in Nor Cal Player Development Program (PDP) than any other club in Sonoma County
  • SRU is the ONLY Nike Premier Club in Sonoma County


Why join SRU? – Many reasons…. you are looking for high level training, personal and soccer growth for your player, your player loves soccer, top level coaching, financial assistance opportunities, progressive soccer club and many more.

Where do we train? - At turf Trione Field Opposite Cardinal Newman High School, Old Redwood Highway or P2P A Place to Play, 2375 W 3 Rd Street

What to bring to play?-  Water bottle, shin guards and cleats

Questions? - If you have any questions please either call the office of SRU (707) 541-7627 or email





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