New and Returning Managers

Getting the season started

Hello returning and new managers,
First I just want to say thank you for volunteering your time.  Appreciation for this is truly hard to measure.  Thank you all for being patient with me as I get up to speed with the changes.
New Managers if you have not completed the back ground check, please do so.  Here is the link for the check
Club-Santa Rosa United 113
Registration Type- Manager
Please complete all the areas in red.  Once 0oyu complete the check send the code they will give you to Laurie Hurst at along with what team you are managing.
Manager's Meeting
Thursday, March 10th 
7:00 pm
Coddingtown Round Table
1003 Guerneville Road SR
Please do not try to adjust your Got Soccer Accounts.  I have to reassign all the players to their new teams.  Those of you who have already sent me your rosters I have been working on them and will email when they are complete. Thank you for getting those to me.
If you have not set up or had your team meeting yet, please get that scheduled as soon as possible. 
Thank you,
KIm Wright
SRU Manager Liaison