Introducing SRU Alliance

Santa Rosa South's Competitive Program gets a new name! Looking to experience SRU's professional coaching but don't want to commit to year-round soccer? SRU Alliance is perfect for you!!

Santa Rosa South (SRS) & Santa Rosa United (SRU) are delighted to announce an official partnership to work together to run SRS’s competitive program in 2017. The program, which will be known as SRU Alliance, will give SRS families access to SRU’s professional coaches & age-appropriate training curriculum, whilst retaining the same low costs, limited commitment & local travel as SRS’s current competitive teams. SRS’s current competitive teams will play as SRU Alliance in the 2017/18 season.

Both clubs have been working closely together over the past 2 years, with SRU helping SRS with competitive & recreation coach education, running the SRS U8 Academy, and by providing professional trainers to work with SRS’s competitive teams & volunteer coaches to raise the quality of the practices & performance.  

Current SRS coaches & board members, Matt Byrne & Jim LaFrance, will be the SRU Alliance Program Co-orindators, while the on-field soccer direction will come from SRU’s Directors of Coaching, Andy Farrant, Kelcey Chaidez & Lee Summerscales.

Matt Byrne, SRS Board Member & SRU Alliance Program Coordinator  - “This is all about improving the playing experience for our kids, and giving them the skills to stay playing & enjoying soccer for longer. SRS players & coaches have had a very positive experience over the last 2 years working with SRU’s coaches, and we knew that an official collaboration would be a great way for SRS to give more to our families, as both clubs share the same philosophy when it comes to teaching the younger kids. A key part of this was retaining the identity of the current SRS program - low costs & commitment levels, shorter season lengths, local travel, the freedom to play multiple sports, and community-based coaches & board members. SRS members can be assured that this will not change, and the only difference will be that our kids & teams will be getting better on the field."

Andy Farrant, SRU Director of Soccer Operations - “This collaboration has been a year in the making, with Santa Rosa South trying to offer more to their membership than other clubs in their position, and both clubs’ aspiring to make it easier for young kids to access professional soccer training. SRS coaches have been very open to learning how they can provide a better experience to their players, and SRU Alliance now allows us all to provide more skill-based training to more younger kids so that they can be more successful on the field now & in the future."

Tryouts for SRU Alliance will run Feb 28 - March 5. Please contact Program Coordinators, Matt Byrne ( & Jim LaFrance ( if you have any questions.


SRU Alliance Tryout Schedule (REGISTER HERE)
Tuesday, Feb 28 (4.30-6.00pm) - 2009 & 2008 Boys & Girls
Wednesday, March 1 (4.30-6.00pm) - 2007 & 2006 Boys & Girls
Thursday, March 2 (4.30-6.00pm) - 2005 & 2004 Boys & Girls
Saturday, March 4 - 2008/2009 Boy & Girls (9.00-10.30am) // 2006/2007 Boys & Girls (11.00am-12.30pm) // 2004/2005 Boys & Girls (1.00-2.30pm)

*all tryouts at Trione Soccer Complex Turf Fields