Luke Oberkirch - 2011 State Champion SRJC Coach to run WDA Premier Program

 Luke Oberkirch - State Champion SRJC Coach releases Premier Academy Overview



The SRU WDA Premier program is proud to announce that we have hired State Champion Coach Luke Oberkirch as the curriculum specialist. Lukes main aim in the program will be to design and oversee the running of a WDA Premier specific program including the implementation of an age appropriate, thorough and advanced program that will increase the intensity, organization and development of the program. The WDA and WDA Premier is always looking for new ways to advance the program we believe that with Luke in place we will be able to build on the successful program that was run in 2011. We know that the introduction of Luke to this program will be another step in continuing to provide the #1 soccer development program in Northern California.

I encourage you to sign up for one of the last 30 spots in the Premier Academy that will start January 16, 2012. The program will have limited numbers to ensure an intense soccer experience for our U11-U14 players.
The WDA Premier will focus on 3 main areas:
1) Motivational
WDA - Coaches will create an environment where the players are challenged in a positive manner. It will be a fun but serious training program for players looking for a higher level of coaching. Players will be challenged to learn, think, and train at a higher level.
2) Great coaching
A- In order for a player to improve, they need constant feedback which is specific and immediate.
B- Coaches will teach and encourage players to think for themselves in order to make independent decisions on the field.
3) Repetition
A- One of the keys to learning and improving is repetition and perfect practice.
B- Players will be placed in situations where they are touching the ball frequently in game situations at a high level of intensity.
C- Coaches will: explain, then demonstrate, and players will practice
Here is an example of 4 areas of the game that will be emphasized:
1) Passing technique - correct inside of the foot technique - proper weight of the pass - passing to the your teammates correct foot , ie. away from pressure - passing under match conditions
2) 1 v 1 Play - emphasis on players being confident - players being creative and dynamic when attacking opponents - individual tactics when attacking - tactics when defending
3) 1st Touch/Receiving - receiving the ball with different parts of the foot - preparing the ball ( to attack, to pass, under pressure) - receiving ball away from pressure - looking over shoulder to "feel" pressure
4) Possession/Speed of Play - passing and moving to support - putting your body in correct position to see field - using correct amount of touches (1 touch or 2-3 touches)

Here is how we will work on these areas:
Warmup: -focus will be on a high number of ball contacts
Main Exercise: - focus will be placed on one main topic per session (above) - techniques will be worked on to master the main topic
Game situation exercise: - small sided group play - match conditions added
Match: - most sessions will end with a competitive game - main topic emphasized
Any questions please let us know by calling Alan Finnie, (707) 888-1207

See you in January,

Luke Oberkirch
SRJC and SRU Coach


Why would you want to be trained by Luke Oberkirch for 6 weeks? Simply look at his resume below! Your chance to be trained by one of the best coaches in California.


Luke Oberkirch


Head Coach Women’s Soccer and Instructor – Kinesiology and Athletics Department

Santa Rosa Junior College – 2011 State Champions

Responsible for all areas if the soccer program, which include recruiting, fundraising, budget implementation, marketing, team travel, scheduling, player evaluation and development, community relations, and game event management.

• Overall record of 15-1-3

• Big 8 Conference Champions

• #1 ranked team in Northern California


Head Coach Women’s Soccer and Instructor-Kinesiology Department


Sonoma State University, 1995-2011

Responsible for every aspect of a nationally recognized Division II program: Areas include recruiting, fundraising, budget planning and implementation, marketing, team travel, scheduling, player evaluation and development, community relations, and game event management. Responsible for teaching beginning and intermediate Weight Training Class, Advanced Conditioning, and Advanced Indoor Soccer

• Overall Record of 189-97-33

• NCAA Division II Final Four 1995 & 1998 (NCAA Runner-up)

• NCAA Tournament 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000• California Collegiate Athletic Association Conference Tournaments 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2008

• NSCAA National Coach of the Year 1998

• 15 year service award


Assistant Coach Women’s Soccer, Sonoma State University, 1990-1995

Responsible for recruiting student-athletes, planning training sessions, game event management, player evaluation and development, community relations, and fundraising.

• NCAA National Champions 1990 • NCAA Final Four 1990, 1991, 1992


Other Coaching Experience_______________________________________________________

Head Coach Girls and Boys Soccer, Santa Rosa United Soccer Club, 1993-2001, 2008-present

Head Coach Girls U15-19 1993-1996 / 1999-2001 - Head Coach Boys U16-19 1988-89
Head Coach Girls U14-15, Currently U16 Coach

Head Coach Boys Soccer, Montgomery High School, 1987-1990


Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach, Sonoma County Sol Soccer Club, 2005-2006

Assistant coach for National Premiere Soccer League team

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