Welcome to Santa Rosa United

A Great Youth Soccer Experience

Welcome to Santa Rosa United, Sonoma County’s top youth soccer club. Here at SRU, we are proud of our strong history of producing teams that compete on the national stage, and players who go on to big things in college soccer, professional soccer and for national teams. But we are also proud of our place in the community - spearheading the growth of soccer in our area, seeing large amounts of our alumni graduate to play college soccer, providing a home for the players, coaches & families who want to work hard and take their soccer seriously, investing heavily into our Financial Aid program to make the club accessible to everyone, hiring the most qualified coaching staff in the North Bay, and sparking a lifelong love of the game in young players.
This year sees a huge amount of change in how youth soccer operates in our country, and we are embracing those changes with open arms. 2016 will see young players playing on smaller fields, where they will get more touches on the ball and play in an environment which will make the game more fun and challenging in the right way - more 1v1s, passing & receiving the ball, and more shots & more goals! 
This year also sees the expansion of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy, and 2016/17 will be SRU’s debut season in this program, in the U12-U14 age groups. This is an exciting step forward for boys soccer in Sonoma County, and means that both our boys and girls teams (ECNL) are now competing in the best leagues in the country, which require member clubs to adhere to higher standards of coaching and player development. Being members of these leagues helps our entire club - as all of our coaches and players are exposed to the increased knowledge & educational opportunities that accompany these programs.
Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for more information on any of our programs, and I look forward to seeing you on the fields.
Andy Farrant