11-16-2018 SRU News Update – Practices Cancelled Today AND all HOME GAMES cancelled for 11/17-11/18

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Hello SRU Members,

Today, November 16th, the current API is 187 in Santa Rosa.  All trainings are canceled. NorCal Premier and US Soccer have cancelled all games and we have decided also to cancel all Home games for November 17-18 so we can inform referees and everyone can know in advance versus waiting until tomorrow.

If the API number exceeds 150 there is to be no training.  If the API number is between 100-150 then outdoor training can take place, but parents do have the option of keeping their children at home, and if training is to continue coaches are to mandate more breaks and stoppage during the training sessions for players to access water and/or rest.

If the number falls below 100 then no restrictions an continue on with normal training.

This website is the one the Sonoma County Schools uses:

To give parents enough time the board has decided to make the final daily call at 12pm and no later than 1pm a club wide message will go out.

Since everything is cancelled, we encourage players to get physical activity of some sort indoors at home or at a gym when possible.

Thank you for your understanding and support in this matter.

Your in SRU Soccer,
SRU Technical Staff