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SRU Winter Futsal League

Welcome to the home of Santa Rosa United Winter Futsal League. Futsal is a fast paced indoor game typically played on a basketball court but at Santa Rosa United we are using our Fifa quality fields to bring the game of Futsal outdoors. The same rules apply and this fast paced game is a great way for the kids to learn over the winter months. Players must be carded by US club to take part and other rules and details are available above.

This is the 2nd Futsal Cup and we hope that everyone involved enjoys it and finds it to be competitive, positive and a valuable soccer experience. There are no prizes or medals on offer but we do promise 6 weeks of soccer development for all teams.

Our hope is that the SRU Winter Futsal will provide an environment for kids to play in a competitive atmosphere with an emphasis on skill development in a game situation. We would encourage coaches to let the kids play and learn, perhaps with less input from the coach than in a a regular league or state cup game.

We also hope that everyone displays the level of sportsmanship that the players deserve. We are not using referees and ask the coaches to collaborate to ensure a safe & fun environment is provided for all the players. By using Futsal rules the main contentious area of offsides is removed so we hope the coaches can largely agree to police any fouls that may occur.

We look forward to an exciting 6 weeks, & we thank everyone for their support. I would also like to give special thanks to Steven Cumberton for all his work in pulling this competition together which we think you will all agree is a welcome low cost addition to the soccer development calendar.

Thanks in Advance

Kevin Kilroy
Director of Soccer Operations

Futsal League