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Grassroots Junior Soccer Academy


What: 6 week Practice & In House Game Program
Who: 4 to 8 year olds
When: Mondays & Wednesdays 4PM Where : Trione, & Place to Play
Why: Expert Licensed Coaching in a fun game filled environment with no Travel
Cost: $105

Session 1 – July 11 to August 18th

Session 2 – August 29th to October 5th

Session 3 – October 17th to November 30th

Session 4 – December 5th  to January 18th

Session 5 – January 30th to March 8th

Read below or contact srugrasssroots@srunited.com for more information


Grassroots Aim: Our aim is to ensure that the first SRU soccer experience of every child is a memorable one. With a enthusiastic and age appropriate teaching model, we will strive to help foster a love for the ball in every child with the hope they will develop a life long love for the game. We have different levels for beginners, intermediate and more advanced kids at these ages.


Model & Style of Play in Youth Development which:

Create a positive learning environment for our players to reach their maximum potential in the game of soccer and to help them become healthy, upstanding citizens and family members through honesty, discipline, courage, teamwork, tireless work ethic and humility.

• The collective above the individual
• Expression of talent through creativity
• Passion
• Intrinsic motivation
• Good attitude

Program Outline

Our grassroots program is designed with four key elements considered in the program design.

1) The grassroots program is a safe, fun and game based soccer environment. We guarantee they will be active and moving for the duration of each practice. Our aim is to drive a lifelong passion for the game of soccer in your child.

2) Our grassroots program aims to deliver a physical literacy which is transferable to any sport and has a heavy focus on the ABCs of movement (Agility balance and coordination).

3) Our grassroots program is focused on each individual child we aim to develop their soccer skills first of all and also to help develop their self confidence in what can be a daunting environment for some at this age. We cater for all learning styles and our coaches will patiently work with each child as they develop at their own pace.

4) Our grassroots program will encourage your kids to practice at home learning to the love the game. Sorry Mom and Dad this might mean you have to brush up on those goalkeeping skills.

Game formats are small sided 1 V 0, 1 V 1 and up to 4 V 4 maximizing the touches each child will achieve per practice.

Come check us out in 2022-23.

Cost is $105 for six weeks of two practices per week which includes a SRU practice shirt for first time attendees.


Competitive players currently registered in other NorCal clubs are not permitted to attend unless they have prior approval from their club director of football