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Come Join Santa Rosa United in 2022 we are the premier club in Sonoma County with a long tradition of producing players for the next level be that professional or college. Check out our alumni page for more information on players who have played and developed at Santa Rosa United. Keep reading below for more information about what to expect at Santa Rosa United

U8 to U14 Academy

We will be hosting open tryouts for our U8 to U12. There will be two tryouts per the above schedule. Our U8-U13 academy teams have professional coaches who train year round where the focus is on long term development in a competitive environment. Our premier first teams compete in the highest level available of the NorCal league and our elite teams are a great place for player to develop while receiving the same high level of coaching.


We will be hosting open tryouts for our SELECT teams. SELECT is our parent coached level where the focus is fun and getting more kids playing at the highest level possible. SELECT is a level for players not quite ready for the year round commitment. Our Select tryouts will run at the same time as our Academy, ECNL and Premier Tryouts.


Tryouts for the U13 to U19 ages players must pre-register to attend. Players will be invited out to train per the schedule above. Players seeking to play at the highest level in the area should join our ECNL and PREMIER teams. We are the only club in the area who provide a level of competition like the ECNL for boys and girls.


Where do the Teams Train ? 

The academy  teams train at Trione Fields on the old Redwood Highway and on some city park fields across Santa Rosa.

Our SELECT teams train on city parks and school fields across Santa Rosa.

How many times per week do the teams train ?

Older Teams U13-U19 : 3-4 Times including Athletic development for some teams. High School age teams train June to November and March to May and take a high school break Late November to end of high school season in March.

Academy Teams U8-U12 : 2-3 Times per week for 12 months of the year

SELECT Teams : 1-2 Times per week for 5 months of the year

What does the season look like?

The season is split into multiple sub seasons :

  • Summer : Training, Tournaments and pre season friendlies
  • Fall : Training FALL League and State Cup for some ages
  • Winter : Training camp & Indoor or Futsal & state cup for some ages
  • Spring : Training & Spring League

Select teams typically play in summer and Fall seasons

What are the fees ? 

Fee details are available by clicking the player dues button above. The fees detailed cover club dues but may not include all details of team fees. Team fees are expenses at a team level where teams incur costs attending events, paying for referees, social occasions. Why is there such a difference in fees between SELECT and Academy? 

Our academy and older team coaches are professional coaches on a license pathway who provide a fun yet professional environment for players to develop and learn over the long term. The academy teams train year round and have access to a variety of tools and resources only available at this level.

Our SELECT coaches are parent coaches providing a fun & competitive environment for players not quite yet ready for the commitment of our academy and older teams. The SELECT teams typically train for 5 months of the year July through November.

Is there financial aid or scholarships available ? 

Yes enquire with office@srunited.com about applying for financial aid. Financial aid is available for ECNL PREMIER and ELITE level but not SELECT.


Does Santa Rosa United support multi sport athletes?

Yes we support players who play multiple sports especially at our younger ages. Santa Rosa United is a players first club and we put the players development first. We want them to all excel and commit to soccer but also recognize the benefits of them playing multiple sports .


Does Santa Rosa United have a set style of play? 

Yes Santa Rosa has a proud tradition of developing players who first master the ball at younger ages. We work to ensure every player is comfortable on the ball as our teams like to build out from the back and to maintain possession as much as possible while trying to be creative as possible in the attacking third of the field. When the opposition have the ball we like our teams to be very organized and to work individually and collectively to win the ball back as quickly as possible. At Santa Rosa United we have a boys director of soccer and Girls director of soccer who oversee all our teams to ensure the style of play is applied and understood and provides training periodization to ensure our players are familiar with all facets of the game.

About Santa Rosa United

At Santa Rosa United – Our Coaches

Our ECNL level for our U13 to U19 teams has coaches who are the most experienced in the area with a wealth of local and international experience coaching professionally and at the top soccer high schools and colleges in the area. ECNL is the highest level of club soccer available in our city and neighbouring cities and Santa Rosa United is the only program which has boys and girls teams available. Our Premier and Elite teams from U7 to U19 have professional coaches who are steeped in the game with thirst for life-long learning. It is their ambition to develop themselves and the kids on their team for the next level. Finally our Select level is an affordable program where our dedicated parent coaches give their time voluntarily to develop a lifelong love for the game in the kids.

At Santa Rosa United – Our Players

We adopt a player’s first mentality to player development. We develop each individual player technically, tactically and physically for the level they are playing and the next level they are trying to reach. We encourage our younger players to play multiple sports and when they are ready to specialise we have the highest level of soccer available for them to compete.

At Santa Rosa United – Our Season

Our season runs from May to May but we accept players throughout the year in our academy ages. We are a family first club with breaks throughout the year for summer, thanksgiving, winter holidays and all the national holiday weekends. These times are treated as a time for families to enjoy their time away from the soccer field. We have an all weather field which enables us to provide more trainings throughout the year compared to any other club.

At Santa Rosa United – Our Program

The Santa Rosa United program includes age appropriate physical development content, on field soccer development , a best in class at home training program, player evaluations, video analysis & speed and athletic development. At our U13-U19 ages we provide a comprehensive college development program designed to get the kids with aspirations of playing in college the opportunities to do so. Santa Rosa United helps make better players and more importantly better people.

Come join us in 2022.