Be A Part of Santa Rosa United

Volunteers Are Greatly Appreciated and Help Our Club Immensely!

Board PositionVolunteer Position

Open Board positions

  1. Board Secretary: Board member responsible for recording minutes and attending weekly executive committee conference calls and occasional production of needed documents for club processes.
  2. Communications: Responsible for sports engine email communications, constant contact email software, social media posting
  3. Fundraising Liaison: Board member responsible for working with the coordinators of every fundraising branch (grant writing, Annual Golf Tournament, Dine & Donate days, Human Race, etc.) and tracking and reporting the progress back to the board.
  4. Events Liaison: Board member responsible working with the coordinators of various events (Senior Celebration, NLI Signing Day, Annual Club Celebration, Alumni Game, for coordinating our events, managing assigned team responsibilities for the event and assigning roles to volunteers. Working with Financial Aid Coordinator as needed
  5. Tournament Liaison: Board member to work with the designated Tournament Coordinator and Director of Soccer to ensure that planning is on track for proper and successful execution of SRU Tournaments.

Non-Board Volunteer Positions

When you volunteer as a non-board member, you can help in any capacity that is needed. You can run a committee or choose a smaller role that better fits your strengths and availability, Here are some of the volunteer roles we currently have openings for:

  1. Spanish Translators: Spanish language translation position who can read and write in Spanish. These volunteer(s) can help translate web content, email content, flyers, advertisements and work booths during events (such as tryouts registration)
  2. Volunteer Coordinator: Using the DIBS tab on SportsEngine, input the various areas available for volunteerism within the club so that family participation can be credited.
  3. Grant Writers: This position finds and applies for grants by gathering everything necessary for submission. Often times each grant has an application submission process.
  4. Field Signage Sales: This person helps sell field signs to businesses and works with the signage vendor to coordinate the deliverability details and timeline
  5. Dine and Donate Coordinator: This person contacts restaurants in the area and coordinates our Dine and Donate Events. In addition to that, this person also works with the Communications board seat to get the message out.
  6. Golf Event Coordinator: We need help planning, setting up and coordinating the event and all the event details leading up to the day of the event
  7. Senior Celebration: Every year an SRU team is assigned to this event. The coordinator works with the assigned team and Events board seat to ensure the event is a success.
  8. Field Rededication Ceremony: We need volunteers to help us setup and organize the New Field Ceremony, where we will honor the donors, invite the city council and the press
  9. Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator: Help us obtain donations from corporate sponsors for our club as a whole, for events, and.
  10. FA Fundraising Coordinator: This position involves approaching businesses and individuals who only donate to Financial Aid for Non-Profits.
  11. Field Replacement Fundraising: GrassRoots. We still need to raise $320,000.
  12. Human Race Coordinator: Prior to the devastating fires, SRU players regularly participated in this event to generate money for the club and their teams.
  13. Graphic Designer: To help create flyers for camps and club events.
  14. Field Maintenance Volunteers: To help with regular field maintenance.