Soccer at home Program


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After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, we are excited and proud to be able to continue our soccer at home program through May. Our coaches have shown great commitment and dedication to making the best at home program possible.
SRU will continue to offer our online program (fitness, coordination, ball work, classroom and personal growth videos) which allows the players to train on their own and at their own pace. We will also be continuing with our extremely popular Zoom online club trainings hosted by various SRU coaches and online video interviews with college, professional and SRU alumni players.
In order to continue the program at the same high standard, we need you to register at a significant discounted price. This virtual season will allow us to bridge the gap from last season until we are back on the field for next season. We are hoping that is sooner than later! Please register by clicking below. There is also an option for you to donate an additional amount if you wish. Your donation is tax deductible.
What is included?
The same program that people have enjoyed over the last 6 weeks. See attached flyer as a reminder.
Why would we continue with the soccer at home program?
The short answer is it has been a huge success. Parents are grateful that there is some normalcy with regular training and structure to their player’s day. The players enjoy connecting with their coaches and teammates, hanging out in a social setting, doing training and having regular interactions. The coaches are watching on Zoom and seeing technical skill improvements weekly. SRU is creating a great “train on your own” culture. There are options available for everyone and we want to keep our players engaged and playing the game we all love.
Why are we having to charge?
We are a non-profit organization and do not carry a large surplus. Usually during this time of year, we are having tryouts, collecting registration fees, and have an influx of money to roll right into next season. Due to COVID-19 this will not be the case this season. So, a virtual season will allow us to continue to train our players and help bridge last season into next season, when we can get on the field again. All fees will go 100% to our coaching staff to run the program.
What if you can’t Pay?
We have a relief program that will continue during this virtual season. Please email us at We want everyone involved. #SRUfamily!
Are new players looking to be part of Santa Rosa United welcome to join this program?
Yes. Any player wishing to partake is welcome. If they are currently registered with another NorCal competitive club, they will require written permission from their DOC to attend.

Soccer at home