SRU Alliance Tryout Schedule 

Trione Field:  Saturday, May 19th
  • 2:30pm-4pm
    • Boys 2007(U12), 2009((U10)
Trione Field:  Sunday, May 20th
  • 9am-10:30am
    • Boys 2010(U9),
    • Girls 2008(U11), 2009(U10), 2010(U9)
  • 11am-12:30pm
    • Boys 2007(U12), 2008(U11),
    • Girls 2007(U12)
  • 1pm-2:30pm
    • Boys 2006(U13),
    • Girls 2005(U14), 2006(U13)
Slater Middle School:  Monday, May 21st
  • 5:30-7pm
    • Boys 2008(U11), 2009(U10), 2010(U9),
    • Girls 2007(U12), 2010(U9)
Slater Middle School:  Wednesday, May 23rd
  • 5:30-7pm
    • Boys 2006(U13), 2007(U12)
    • Girls 2005 (U14), 2006(U13), 2008(U11), 2009(U10)

“This is all about improving the playing experience for our kids, and giving them the skills to stay playing & enjoying soccer for longer. SRS players & coaches have had a very positive experience over the last 2 years working with SRU’s coaches, and we knew that an official collaboration would be a great way for SRS to give more to our families, as both clubs share the same philosophy when it comes to teaching the younger kids. A key part of this was retaining the identity of the current SRS program – low costs & commitment levels, shorter season lengths, local travel, the freedom to play multiple sports, and community-based coaches & board members. SRS members can be assured that this will not change, and the only difference will be that our kids & teams will be getting better on the field.”

– Matt Byrne, SRS Board Member/SRU Board Member & SRU Alliance Program Coordinator